Sunday, February 18, 2007

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What we have here is a new outlook on life, these three blends together to lay down a new pathway. The Three of Cups, the three indicates that over the last three months/years you have had a struggle on your hands. The Cups show that you have decided to try something new, with the cups being empty there is no reason why you should fail in your endeavours as empty cups indicate fulfilment yet to come. The High Priestess is a wonderful card; she has all the answers you need to succeed in life. As she the high Priestess she holds a lot of power within your image, as long as you believe in yourself there should be no problem reaching your goals. The Two of Cups, here we see that they cups are filled with romance. Love is top of the agenda and with the cups by yourself you will not be a lone. You find it hard from time to time expressing your feelings learn that honesty is the best policy. There is a beautiful rainbow over the cards, this would indicate that you have a long lifeline as they say somewhere over the rainbow so just keeping going with joy in your heart and you will be fine. The name Mary links in somewhere around you, this person needs your help or you there's anyway you will be good for each other. Someone works in the Hotel industry; the symbolic gesture here is a break will do you the world of good. Plan the future, as you seem to be in pause mode, waiting for life to come to you may not work so help Mother Nature. Closing doors from the past is not easy; you have what it takes to reach the top so hold your head high and start as you mean to go on. Over the next few months the light at the end of the tunnel will get stronger, be careful whom you trust as not everyone is as honest as you are. Someone from the past wants to come back into your life, if you feel that they have changed then that is fine but make sure that you will not get hurt again. Cars can be a handful, tyres need checked as they show a problem, no one will get hurt just they show a problem. Ireland links here, the sign here is the four-leaf clover, which indicates that, you have some luck on the place. Career is on the move in the right direction, you want to try a new pathway and the time is right as they show success here. There is horses around you, when we see horses in the cards it means that new energy is around use this to help you take on your new opportunities. On the money front there is a change to enhance your Bank balance, sometimes we have to speculate to accumulate so over the coming months you will reap the harvest that you have sown.


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