Friday, February 09, 2007

Sample Tarot Card Reading

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THE STAR, this card not only shows the star of hope it also brings you the sea of tranquillity. As a team these two images show that soon you will move on to bigger and better things. So looks like you have make the right decision.

EIGHT OF CUPS, what we are looking at here is the time for rejoicing. These cups are filled with new opportunities to which you are capable of fulfilling, start believing in yourself more and fulfil the potential that lies within regardless what other may say.

THE CHARIOT, wow what a card, the energy that this card carries is wonderful. The wheels of motion are now going your way so follow your gut instincts here and reap the rewards that await you; you have waited a long time for this so do not miss out now.


With the light and energy of these cards l feel that you have a long lifeline, they indicate that you have hidden depths and need to bring these qualities to the surface. LOVE, not a straight picture here they show that someone is trying to interfere with your personal life. Love is a one on one feeling, as long as you are happy with the way things are going that is all that matters. HEALTH, could you PLEASE slow down as they show here that you are trying to be in two places at once and that is not possible. FAMILY, we have a feeling of loneliness here someone is going through a few personal problems and needs a shoulder to lean on. They will be fine but just needs to be pointed in the right direction. New Hope for success start when you decide what you want, thinking positive brings positive opportunities and the months that lie ahead will bring this for you. The numbers 19/38/22 is linked with happiness, watch where these pop up within the rest of the year.



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